Welcome to Metier Mats

Metier Mats offer a unique range of Musical Door Mats and Floor Mats for Events and Seasons.

Metier Mats have or will have Musical Mats for Christmas, Easter, Halloween as well as special days such as Australia Day, Birthdays, Independence Day and Sporting Clubs and organisations.

We only supply to Distributors or Wholesalers anywhere in the World but will also work with Major Retail Groups.

We are currently looking for Distributors in Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and USA.

We are also looking for Sport Merchandising Licensees worldwide to market a range of Musical Sporting Mats covering Football teams in Europe (Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1 Serie A) and USA Sporting teams from the MLB, MLS, NBL and NFL.

We look forward to being of service to your company